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2024 Convention Vendors
Visionhawk Music
Rick Dunlap and Linda Angel
Offering: Moyo drums, flute bags, and
women's clothing (mostly wraps)
Michael Graham Allen
Offering: New rim-blown flutes; the personal collection of vintage Coyote Oldman flutes - artful
and interesting flutes!
Buffalo Moon Flutes
Keith Glowka and Rhonda Rogers

Offering: bison and cow horn flutes, wooden Native American-style flutes and drones, ceramic world flutes, Viking flute replicas, hindewhus, assorted percussion instruments, and used flutes by various makers

Feather Ridge Flutes and Drums

Shelly Stenzel

Offering: Native American-style flutes, flute bags, two-piece fringed leather flute wraps, hand drums, both plain and hand painted, drum bags, drum sticks, and rawhide rattles.
Falcon Flutes
Dana Ross
Since 1996, offering handmade Native American-style flutes in many woods and in all keys of one-, two-, and three-barrel flutes. We strive to provide you with a quality product for a reasonable price. Our goal is to make you a flute that you will grow into, not out of ...

Ancestral Flutes
Stanley Loftness
Offering: Six-hole ancestral Puebloan flutes in the keys of F#3 to C4.  They will be available in both a shakuhachi-style embouchure and his internal embouchure. Also, on offer will be his Chakra Healing Flutes in keys from B3 to A5.
Redbird Flutes
Roger and Linda Bennett
Offering: Native American-style flutes and drones, to include hiking stick drones. We will also be offering Linda's flute carriers, which hold multiple flutes.
SevenWinds Flutes
Michael Fuger
Offering: 100 to 150 Native American-style flutes, with keys from the 4th octave D minor up to 5th octave F#. Also offering decorative flute stands.
GP Flute Stands
Glenn Pastella
Offering: Flute stands and flute racks.
Andrew Begay Flutes
Offering: Native American flutes
Woodland Voices Flutes
Colyn Petersen and Kitty Brougham
Offering: Native American-style flutes
Northern Spirit Flutes
Richard Dubé
Offering: Fully-assembled, ready-to-play high D and mid A Indigenous-style Northern Spirit Flutes; the mid A Native American-style Northern Spirit Flutes; Spirit Drone flutes and the double Indigenous A/D style Northern Spirit Flutes.
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