The Flute Exchange



This is the place for World Flute Society members to post instruments that they would like to swap or sell, free of charge. The Flute Exchange will also be posted in our quarterly publication, Overtones!  Non society members are charged $10 per listing.

If you would like to swap or sell a flute, please contact the society at: worldflutes@AOL.COM Please

provide a complete description of the flute and your contact information. The World Flute Society does

not profit from any of these listings. This is a free service provided to the society's members. This service is not for flute makers or retailers selling their product.

Please contact the seller for photos and further details.

Once you successfully swap or sell your flute, please notify the society so that we may remove the listing.


Flute: Skip Healy custom six-key Irish flute in the key of D
Specs: Custom made of African blackwood; six hand-chased sterling silver keys; sterling tuning slide, foot, and rings; sound is the classic "growl for which the Healy flute is known; perfect session flute, as it is loud
Condition: New condition; only played about an hour
Sell: $2,995
Contact: John Elliott at 414-367-7308;

Pan Pipes made by Greg White Hunt
Specs: Assam bamboo from Indonesia
Sell: $40 plus $5 shipping

Shakuhachi: 1.8 Monty Levenson (Tai-Hei) Professional Model
Specs: Beautiful 30-year-old root-end Kyushu Madake bamboo with inlaid rattan bindings, 24K gold

inlaid buffalo horn utugachi, medium bore; good volume, true out all registers; great condition; amazing, sweet, and loud voice; an easy player; original retail price was $3,500
Sell: $1.750

Flute: John Gallagher wooden keyless flute in the key of D
Specs: Excellent condition; flute is 5 years old and has not been played very much; beautiful rich, warm

tone; hard protective case included
Sell: $600
Contact: Jeff Smith at

Irish Flute: Eamonn Cotter Irish flute in the key of D
Specs: Left-handed; 6-keyed; African Blackwood; made around the year 2000
Note: Flute could use new cork around the joints
Sell: $2,000 plus shipping
Contact: Asher Gray at

Flute: Chinese Eight-Hole, Root-End Dongxiao in D/G
Specs: V-shaped blowing edge with tuning joint. No cracks. Used.
Sell: $120 (shipping to Canada and the USA included; Add $15 for international shipping)

Flute: Japanese shinobue (Bamboo transverse flute)
Specs: Japanese brand is Shinonome, Gmajor diatonic, 2.5 octave range; includes soft bag and fingering

Sell: $150 USD (includes shipping to USA and Canada), add $10 for international shipping

Flute: Tony Richards Native American-Style Flute in F
Specs: New Guinea walnut with rosewood end-caps; soft, light colored strap to hold block; six finger holes;

22 inches long; played once - like new; red flannel bag included

Sell: $300 plus shipping


Irish Whistle: Sasato Dublin in A
Specs: Black injection-molded plastic; adjustable tuning
Condition: Like new; only played a few hours
Sell: $50

Contact: Cathy Langlois at

Flute: Silver Song Flutes (Jack Thomas) Native American-style flute in E
Specs: Pentatonic; Spanish cedar; walnut ring inlays; relief carved desert scene with three running horses

and prickly pear from a modified Al Stohlman pattern; carved eagle fetish of Honduras mahogany;

intricately carved
Sell: $2,500
Contact: Cathy Langlois at


Flute: Native American-style flute made by NZT Designs Flutes

Specs: A drone; 45.5 inches long; comes with a custom, padded carrying bag

Sell: $300



Flute: Billy Crowbeak bird-head Native American-style flute in B minor


Contact: Paul Van Heuklom at 725-666-4898; 


Flute: Billy Crowbeak bird-head Native American-style flute in A minor


Contact: Paul Van Heuklom at 725-666-4898; 


Flute: Billy Crowbeak bird-head Native American-style flute; Arnold Richardson (Tsa'Ne Dose) tuned; A minor


Contact: Paul Van Heuklom at 725-666-4898;


Flute: Ed Dougherty/Tree of Life bamboo bird-head Native American-style flute in G# minor


Contact: Paul Van Heuklom at 725-666-4898;

Flute: Butch Hall Native American-style flute in F
Specs: Made in 2002; marked as #2; 23-1/4  inches in length; most likely poplar;
Sell: $165; shipping included; Paypal Friends and Family only.
All proceeds go to the World Flute Society.


Flute: High Spirits Native American-style flute in High D

Specs: Wood is Madrone burl

Sell: $125, plus shipping


Looking For Flutes

This section of The Flute Exchange is for people who are looking to acquire specific flutes.

Seeking Historic Native American Flutes
(e.g., Richard Fool Bull, Dan Red Buffalo, Toubat, Louis Webster, etc.)
Contact: Russ Jones at 435-640-5977

Seeking Native American flutes made by Charles Littleleaf and Bryan Akipa

Contact: Philippe Marin at