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Flute Maker Identification Project

This is an ongoing project that is meant to provide the flute community with a means to identify various Native American flutes, Native American-style flutes, and North American indigenous flutes. If you would like to participate in this project, please send a photo of the entire flute and a photo of the maker's mark. You will be given credit for the photos. Please send them to: worldflutes@aol.com

Eddie Bent Box, Sr. "Red Ute" (1920-2012)   [Photo: Russ Jones]

Timothy Nevaquaya   [Photo: Russ Jones]

Woodrow William Haney, Sr. (1918-1995)   [Photo: Russ Jones]

William Hughes   [Photo: Russ Jones]

Ira Cuthair (1923-2019)  [Photo: Russ Jones]

Ira Cuthair (1923-2019)  [Photo: Russ Jones]

Jimmy Bear  [Photo: Russ Jones]

Greg Jones  [Photo: Russ Jones]

Louis Webster (1949-2018)  [Photo: Russ Jones]

Theodore Ceplina  [Photo: Russ Jones]