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Vision Statement

The World Flute Society seeks to be a distinguished organization, globally recognized in music and cultural education, artistic expression, scholarship, research, classification, documentation, historical and contemporary performance practices, and educational and cultural outreach, with the world’s indigenous

and folk flute traditions as the primary focus of the society’s endeavors.

As an outgrowth of that vision, the World Flute Society will offer a varied selection of high-quality world

flute programming with an added emphasis on the flute’s contextual, historical, and cultural application within all global communities; actively and avidly support world flute education; vigorously engage in the exploration, appreciation, promotion, preservation, and documentation of the world’s musical diversity, evolution, and cultural expressions as applied to indigenous and folk flute traditions. These goals will be achieved through a professional, premium quarterly publication, Overtones!, biennial multicultural conventions, scholarly projects, and educational and cultural outreach projects.

Central to the society’s vision and intent is the understanding that the musical arts, cultural exploration,

and all manner of self-expression through musical and cultural endeavors are expressions of our shared humanity, capable of building connections among people and cultures, exploring the human spirit in all of

its nuances, revealing new perceptions of our past, present, and future, and providing a humanizing force

vital to a positive, healthy, and inclusive global society. The vision of the World Flute Society is to aid in building a peaceful world and a hopeful future through musical camaraderie and a shared musical

enthusiasm and dedication.

Mission and Goals

To be inclusive and welcoming of all world flute traditions

To create a positive, expansive, honorable, professional, and healthy flute society that is engaging of its membership, as well as the global flute community; to encourage people to become involved and to actively participate in all aspects of the World Flute Society and its various projects and endeavors, as well as its quarterly publication, Overtones!

To draw in and engage people from all walks of life and from all musical and cultural perspectives; to create

a socially, culturally, and musically relevant organization and publication that is beneficial and inspirational

to both its members and the overall global flute community

To foster and encourage inquiry, research, and scholarship; to discover, analyze, classify, culturally explore, document, promote, and preserve the history, mythology, folklore, evolution, present application, and

future possibilities of the world’s indigenous and folk flute traditions

To promote and nurture formal and informal dissemination of knowledge, theories, perspectives,

conclusions, and similar information; to advocate and cultivate the exchange of ideas and knowledge within the society’s membership, as well as within the global flute community

To facilitate cooperation, positive discourse, and efficacious interaction between all individuals and organizations interested in world flutes; to support and encourage other events within the global flute community with emphasis upon indigenous and folk flute traditions

To strengthen knowledge and enhance communication about the world’s cultures and their various

methods of musical and cultural expression with regard to indigenous and folk flute traditions

To promote all performers, makers, scholars, educators, and enthusiasts within the indigenous and folk

flute community

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