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All funds generated go toward the World Flute Society’s normal operating expenses, such as ink, stationery, postage, and similar materials. The World Flute Society is a nonprofit organization: 46-2999549

$10 each, shipping included


Please send checks or money orders made payable to:

World Flute Society
20735 Morning Star Road
Lead, SD 57754

Credit Card Through Paypal to Account: worldflutes@AOL.COM


Whispers from Earth

Explore new realms of inner peace with calming and reflective flute passages for meditation and inspiration, from award-winning world flutist Ann Licater. These 12 tracks performed on Native American, Native American-style, and silver alto flutes feature soft and peaceful solo and duet compositions, pristinely recorded in Licater’s signature style for a serene listening experience. This curated sonic journey, including select piano, synth, and percussion accompaniment, is perfect for mindfulness practices, meditation, and well-being. Whispers from Earth is also recommended for yoga, spa, healing arts, creativity, study, sleep, and overall stress reduction.

Artist: Ann Licater


Song of the Reed: Meditative Music of the Turkish Ney
This is a 2012 release. Ancient sounds of the traditional Near Eastern flute, the ney, in simple, pure form. Influenced by spiritual Sufi music and classical music from Turkey. Great for meditation, yoga, relaxation, and deep listening.

Artist: Eliyahu Sills


Whispers from Silence

This is a 2016 release. Phoenix musicians Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer have interwoven their individual music talents together to create and record an outer-to-inner world musical journey aptly titled, Whispers from Silence. The album was designed to help facilitate a deeply meditative experience for the listener, using sound and silence. Tom and Sherry create audio imagery with exotic and unpredictable sounds, which unwind slowly and gracefully utilizing wind instruments and synthesizers. The result is a sound that seems ancient yet sensitive, distinct and relative to the world today. The music on Whispers from Silence encourages deep relaxation, inner peace, and awakening to the spirit.

Artists: Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer




This is a 2009 release. Sanctuary is a healing and meditative CD designed to help you discover your inner being with imagery by taking you outside of your body and into another dimension, through the use of a variety of flutes, synthesized harmonies, Gregorian chants, wind, and water.

Artist: Sherry Finzer


Sanctuary II: Earth

This is a 2011 release. Sanctuary II: Earth is the second in Sherry Finzer's series of relaxation/meditation CDs. Utilizing the alto flute on all six extended tracks, Sherry paints vivid and expressive pictures of the Earth's elements, including woodlands, waters, and atmosphere.

Artist: Sherry Finzer


Sexcellent Sky

This is a 2016 release. The shakuhachi Zen flute made from the ancient plant, bamboo, carved from root dug from the Earth and stalk reaching for the Sky, with five holes for the five elements that turns breath into sweet music. The modern orbital synthesizer, the Wide Blue Sound ‘Orbit’, provides Celestial energies. Together, they dance like Yin and Yang, playing together and breathing the cosmic forces of creation.

Artist: Ron Bracale



Preserving the Heritage: Insights and Songs from Kevin Locke

This is a 2011 release. This CD features Lakota/Anishinaabe flutist Kevin Locke in conversation with Dr. Oliver W. Jones. In addition to music, stories, and songs, Kevin shares historical, cultural, and philosophical ideas and information. Kevin Locke is a skilled musician, performer, recording artist, cultural ambassador, educator, and scholar in the field of the traditional Native American flute, its repertoire, mythology, written and oral tradition, and performance practice. He works diligently to bring his vast knowledge of Native American cultural values, traditions, music, dance, and language to many people around the world through his performances, recordings, and projects.

Artist: Kevin Locke


Yin Over Yang

This is a 2015 release. Bamboo shakuhachi dancing with nature within synthesizer soundscapes, expressing enchanting love. Yin receiving creativity modulating Yang luminous transmission, as synchronicity and balance energize Essence.

Artist: Ron Bracale



This is a 2015 release. Melissa is an independently-produced instrumental and poetry CD by Melissa Ashley Keim, with the help of producer Michael Ojibway. It takes you on a journey of world instrumental expression and verse. Melissa is a member of the World Flute Society and an independent artist.

Artist: Melissa Ashley Keim


Mystic Journey

This is a 1999 release. Mystic Journey is Suzanne's first CD. It is a collection of her original compositions featuring Suzanne and 17 master musicians on flutes, strings, and percussion instruments from around the world. A compelling flute album dedicated to making all your dreams come true, while listening to a passionate tango, or a song that was inspired by the artist witnessing a magical sunrise illuminating the awesome Himalayan mountains.

Artist: Suzanne Teng



Atmospheric live recordings from The TANK – a cavernous, seven-story former water tank with a stunning reverberation of up to 40 seconds. Shimmer features low flutes, bamboo flutes, ocarina, Mayan flute, and Native American flute, along with hand pan drums, Turkish lute, and metal found objects.

Artists: Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy


Gira Caribena (Caribbean Journey)

This is a 2001 release. Los Mas Valientes guides the listener through a Latin-flavored sampling of Caribbean styles including Songo, Salsa, bomba, Bossa Nova, and Reggae. Latin jazz with Caribbean flavors. Instrumentation: flute, vocals,violins, also saxophone, clarinet, trombone, piano, bass, congas, timbales, drum set, and percussio.

Group: Los Mas Valientes


Delicious Essence: Zen Flute Music

This is a 2019 release. This CD features the delicious essence of the shakuhachi bamboo flute playing original, honkyoku, and modern chromatic compositions. The music is vital and lively, passionate and joyful, loving and healing, and deep and sublime.

Artist: Ron Bracale


Farewell to the Homeland, Poyln

This is a 2016 release. Music from an historic period in the life of a klezmer in pre-war Jewish Poland. From a newly-transcribed folio of music from the Frand klezmer band that existed in Dubiecko, Poland. Flute, piccolo, cimbalom, violins, and bass create historic sound.

Vintage Wood Flutes and Piccolo: Adrianne Greenbaum



This is a 2021 release. This CD is comprised of intimate and ethereal flute journeys along and gentle stringed instruments and hand pan drums that dance together to create serene music to calm the body, mind, and soul. Whisper was written during the pandemic, when times were (and still can be) very lonely and frightening. Suzanne and Gilbert wanted to create soothing, gentle, and quiet music that helped comfort those who listened to it. They discovered that within the intimate and serene music that was coming out was a deep emotional expression that was healing for the duo and hopefully healing for listeners as well.

Artists: Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy


Hug Point

This is a 2020 release. This CD has 14 tracks. The Hug Point CD is considered to be a combination of world fusion, New Age, and Native American-style flute with xiao meditative melodies. The songs are gentle with a variety of world scales, world flutes, and backing tracks with guitar, percussion, didgeridoo, and vocals.

Artist: Ellen Saunders


Silvan Sampler

This is a 2012 release. This CD has 13 tracks. The Silvan Sampler CD features Native American-style flutes, xaio, nose flute, mini-moyo, and guitar.

Artist: Ellen Saunders


Quiet Spaces: Flute Meditations for Mindfulness and Relaxation

This is a 2018 release. Discover new realms of inner-peace with relaxing music from world flutist Ann Licater performing on Native American, Native American-style, folk, and alto flutes. These 15 calming tracks feature soft, deeply reflective solo and duet compositions pristinely recorded in Licater’s signature style for a soothing listening experience. This artful, sonic journey is perfect for mindfulness practices, meditation, and well-being. It is also recommended for yoga, spa, healing arts, creativity, study, sleep, and overall stress reduction.

Artist: Ann Licater

CD Booklet Front Only - For Website - 23

Native SoundScapes

This is a 2006 release. This debut album from Randy “Windtalker” Motz creatively blends the rich and soothing sounds of Native American-style flutes with synthesized orchestration, piano, guitar, cello, and Native percussion. Inventive, soothing, mystical, and sometimes playful, the melodies and harmonies are woven into a rich musical tapestry that transforms the spirit, touches the soul, and relaxes the mind.
Artist: Randy “Windtalker” Motz

CD Booklet - Front Only.jpg

Canyon Whispers

This is a 2011 release. Using the haunting sounds of Native American-style flutes, blended with lush orchestration, piano, guitar, cello, and Native percussion, each song on this 14-song album takes the listener on a soothing musical journey through the majestic lands of the American Southwest, home of the “Ancient Ones.” Captured in each melody are the breathtaking and magical landscapes where Native history is still etched on every desert and mesa, and where the gentle whispers of a proud people still echo in every canyon.
Artist: Randy “Windtalker” Motz


Echoes of the Past

This is a 1999 release. The haunting tones of the Native American flute, bamboo flute, and shakuhachi are presented solo and accompanied by the gentle pulse of ethnic percussion and synthesizer, in this meditative music shaped by the history and perspectives of the Southwest.
Artist: Peter Phippen

Shadows of Dawn.jpg

Shadows of Dawn

This is a 2006 release. The voice of the flute is the voice of the human heart. When we hear the flute, we hear the heart's passions, joys, and losses. Flutist Peter Phippen captures the power of the flute to invoke the hidden places of the heart. His music for ancient and contemporary shakuhachi, Native American, Anasazi, and bamboo flutes is accompanied by synthesizer, drums, and percussion. This CD is intimate and insightful, joyous and melancholy.
Artist: Peter Phippen


Canyon Trilogy

This is a 1989 release. Using digital technology, R. Carlos Nakai creates the sound of the cedar flute echoing in the canyons and valleys of the vast Southwest. His seventeen free-flowing compositions soothe the spirit and carry the listener to the far realms of the imagination. Awarded a certified Gold Records in 1998, this is the first ever awarded for a Native American music album.
Artist: R. Carlos Nakai



This is a 2003 release. The solo Native American flute speaks to the heart with an eloquence unmatched by any other instrument. This collection includes selections featuring the richness of the bass cedar flute, in addition to the grace of the standard flute, performed by the multi-Grammy nominee, R. Carlos Nakai.
Artist: R. Carlos Nakai

Awakening Front Cover Only - RGB .jpg


This is a 2020 release. Debuting at #1 on the One World Music Top 100 Albums in October 2020, this album of 12 unique compositions blends the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the Native American-style flute with ambient-infused orchestration to create a relaxing acoustic landscape that embraces several musical genres. This album was conceived and recorded during the international COVID-19 pandemic in response for the need for people everywhere to have an emotional sanctuary during such uncertain and stressful times.

Artist: Randy “Windtalker” Motz



Dare to Dream

This is a 2015 release. Fifteen songs
Artist: Gareth Laffely


Oru: The Natural Order

This is a 2002 release. Oru follows the natural order of the deities from the ancient Nigerian Yoruba religions, extracting the melodies of the Afro-Cuban songs and prayers and placing them in a new musical context of Native American and Chinese flutes. The album features the vocal styling of Lazano Galarraga, Afro-Cuban culture bearer, and Elaine Hernandez, with Cuban percussionists MichitoSanchez and Kevin Ricard.
Artist: Gary Stroutsos



Bottom of the Punch Bowl

This album by Mithril cofounders Andra Bohnet and Tom Morley is an intoxicating mix of musical spirits from Ireland, Scotland, the Shetland Islands, Isle of Man, and Sweden, played on flutes, whistles, Celtic harp, Scottish smallpipes, fiddle, guitar, and Swedish nyckelharpa. The CD features “Celtic Baroque” compositions from Turlough O’Carolan, Neil Gow, and James Oswald, a tribute to the Bothy Band, a set of Swedish traditional tunes, and a multilayered arrangement of tunes from the soundtrack to Outlander.

Group: Mithril Duo - Andra Bohnet and Tom Morley

Perpetuum Mobile.jpg

Perpetuum Mobile

This is a 2016 release. This CD was recorded in the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center Recital Hall and Westfarthing Studio, May 2016. Instrumentation includes: flutes, piccolo, bass flute, whistles, Irish flute, Scottich smallpipes,oboe, English horn bass oboe, bassoon, contrbassoon, clarinets, bass clarinet, and piano.

Group: Trebuchet Wind Trio - Andra Bohnet, Rebecca Mindock, Kip Franklin, and Jasmin Arakawa


Doorway to a Dream

This is a 2010 release. Doorway To a Dream is Native American and world flutist Ann Licater’s follow-up to her award-winning 2007 debut, Following the Call. The album is an invitation to embark on “a healing dream journey to the infinite expanses of  your imagination and the sacred spaces within.” Ann is joined by an impressive ensemble of musicians that includes Jose Neto, Jeff Oster, Peter Phippen, and Shambhu. On Doorway to a Dream, she performs on six different types of flutes, including wood and clay instruments, and silver alto flute.

Artist: Ann Licater


Beyond the Waves

This is a 2016 release. Beyond the Waves, Ann's fourth full-length release, takes listeners on a soothing journey of soulful traveling meditations designed to open doors to deeper personal spiritual experiences. From the opening gentle strains of “Rhythm of the Stars” through the lush and haunting meditational flow of the closing piece, “Ocean Lullaby,” this twelve-track collection is artfully designed to enhance the listener’s well-being, promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner reflection.

Artist: Ann Licater


Following the Call: Wood & Clay Flute Music for Mediation and Inspiration

This is a 2007 release. Take a meditative journey with gifted world flutist Ann Licater on Following the Call. This beautiful collection of solo original compositions and inspired improvisations played on Native American and world flutes resonate on a deep and soulful level. Use this CD to balance body/mind/spirit, gain access to intuition, and as a tool for personal discovery while meditating, journaling or creating.

Artist: Ann Licater


Inner Tranquility

Inner Tranquility is comprised of 55 minutes of soothing, meditative solo Native American-style flute music. Because the intent, from the conception of the project, is for the music to be meditative, it consists of seven fairly long (7 to 9 minutes) original improvisations. Besides being good for personal meditation or relaxation, the length of this music appropriate for background to hour-long sessions of yoga, massage, etc. The break between songs is minimal, so as not to break the mood.

Artist: Dennis Laughlin

CD3 front.jpeg

Native Flute Journeys 3

This is a 2022 release. This CD contains twelve songs are composed and performed by Sandi Horton using ten different Native American-style flutes made of different woods, ranging from a bass B-flat to a high D, using nine different scales: Blues, Miyako-bushi, Gypsy, Mode 4, Hirajoshi, Pentatonic, Medieval, Rumanian, and Spanish.

Every song is a prayer.

May this music give peace to all who listen.

 Artist: Sandi Horton

NFJ4CD Cover.jpg

Native Flute Journeys 4

This is a 2024 release. This CD contains twelve songs composed and performed by Sandi Horton on thirteen different Native American-style flutes made of different woods, ranging from a bass B-flat to a high D. Only two songs use the pentatonic scale. The other ten songs use a major, minor, or modal scale played on traditional six-hole Native American-style flutes. Two songs include singing bowls accompaniment. Two songs are written as a duet for two flutes in octaves.

 Artist: Sandi Horton

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