Quarterly Raffle Flute



Michael Fuger of Sevenwinds Flutes has graciously donated this quarter’s raffle flute. This is an amazing flute. It is a Woodland-style flute made from redwood, which was gifted to Michael from a friend in California. Redwood is a soft wood, hence its soft voice. It is in the key of F#. It is 22 inches long with a bore diameter of 7/8 of an inch. This beautiful flute has a high-gloss French polish finish. It comes with a Native-patterned decorative flute sock.




Tickets are $5 each. You may purchase as many as you desire. The raffle lasts until May 26, 2021. The winner will be announced on May 31, 2021.

Please send funds made payable to:

World Flute Society                                                                                
20735 Morning Star Road
Lead, SD 57754  USA

Thank you for your support of the World Flute Society!       


Last Quarter's Donation Flute

Anonymous graciously donated last quarter’s raffle flute. The maker of this Native American-style flute is Dr. Richard Payne. The flute was crafted most likely in the mid-1970s, about 45 years ago. It is made of white oak and has six finger holes. It is a diatonic flute in F, meaning it plays the major scale. According to Dr. Payne, who gave this flute to Anonymous, “Doc” Tate Nevaquaya was going to replace his dining room table. Dr. Payne asked “Doc” Tate if he (Dr. Payne) could have one of the legs from the old table, and “Doc” Tate obliged.” Dr. Payne used the table leg to craft a flute. It is a relatively large flute, 24-inches long, with a 7/8-inch internal diameter and 1.5-inch external diameter, tapering a bit toward the distal end (distal to the mouthpiece). The rim at the distal end has “TOUBAT” burned into the wood. The flute has new leather ties and has been refinished. Also, the copper spacer under the saddle was tarnished but was cleaned, so it looks brand new. The flute has a soft sound.






















Thank you, Anonymous, for your kindness and generous support of the World Flute Society.

Winner: Russ Jones

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