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Leadership Team!


Executive Director

Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl 

Areas of Specialization: World flutes, Native American flutes, outreach, research, education, networking, performance, organology, music theory, pedagogy, classical flute, world music

and cultures, event organization

Advisory Board

Mary Youngblood

Areas of Specialization: Native American flute, world flutes, classical flute, performance, embellishments, education, networking, mentoring

Peter Phippen

Areas of Specialization: World flutes, antique world flutes, performance, improvisation, research, flute folklore, education, audio production

Dr. Andra Bohnet

Areas of Specialization: Irish flute, classical flute, 19th century flutes, education, performance, pedagogy, arranging/orchestration, audio production

Rhonda Larson

Areas of Specialization: World flute performing artist; Pearl® flute performing artist;

composer; educator; owner and creator of Wood Nymph Music sheet music publishing company; owner and creator of Bear Behind production company; article contributor to flute journals; radio and music production.

Winne Clement

Areas of Specialization: Instrument maker and performer - Romanian kaval, fipple kaval, double kaval, fujara, overtone flutes, alghosazi, double whistles

Eliyahu Sills

Areas of Specialization: Turkish ney, Persian nay, Arabic nai (reed flutes), bansuri (North Indian bamboo flute), upright bass, electric bass, oud, Middle Eastern music, world music, African-American music, improvisation, music as spiritual practice

Bryan Akipa
Areas of Specialization: Indigenous flute maker; visual artist; recording artist; performer

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl (In Memoriam)

Areas of Specialization: Ancient Mayan and Aztec clay flutes, performance, research, cultural education, ancient percussion instruments of Mexican Indian civilizations, pre-Columbian music, visual artist

Kevin Locke (In Memoriam)

Areas of Specialization: Northern Plains flute, traditional storytelling, education, cultural outreach, performance, global citizenship, Hoop dancing

G. S. Sachdev (In Memoriam)

Areas of Specialization: Bansuri master, Indian classical music, instruction/education


Michael Graham Allen

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Victoria Shoemaker

Flute Circle Connection Liaison

Sandi Horton

Music Education and Cultural Outreach Council

This council is comprised of individuals who are active in the fields of music education and cultural outreach. Through their positions on this important council, they will share their activities, philosophies, ideas, professional experience, and thoughts concerning the future of indigenous and folk flute traditions with regard to music education and cultural outreach.

Richard Dubé, Bachelor of Music in music education; Master of Education in curriculum studies; Masters Level in Orff Schulwerk; Alumni Excellence Award in Aboriginal Initiatives from the University of Saskatchewan

Tereasa Payne, Bachelor of Music in music education; Master of Music in flute performance; Doctor of Music Arts in flute performance (ABD)



Council on Flutes for Health and Wellness

The Council on Flutes for Health and Wellness has been established to educate society

members about, and promote the appropriate use of, flutes in all aspects of health and wellness. The council members listed below are all Certified Music Practitioners® and

healthcare professionals who currently use, or have used, live flute music in their work in healthcare facilities. They hope to provide the best possible information on current practices

by publishing in Overtones!, as well as engaging in other educational opportunities that the World Flute Society may offer in the future.

RuthiE Neilan, RN, MA, CMP®

Ami Sarasvati, CMP®

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Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia on May 8, 2013, as

World Flute Society, Inc.

Certificate of Incorporation


South Dakota Certificate of Authority, Foreign Nonprofit

Certificate of Authority


The World Flute Society is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization: 46-2999549

IRS Letter of 501c3, nonprofit status

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