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Thank You for Your Gift!



We depend on the generosity and kindness of our members, the flute community at-large, the music world, and benevolent friends, both new and established, for support and assistance in sustaining the daily and

long-term operations of the World Flute Society. While membership fees cover a portion of our expenses associated with the society, there are still gaps that need a helping hand from friends. Please help us to maintain and further our goal in being of service to the world flute community.

The World Flute Society is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization: 46-2999549


Thank you, friends, for your thoughtful gift. No gift is too small! We are pleased to provide you with a

receipt for your donation.

Check or Money Order:

World Flute Society

20735 Morning Star Road

Lead, SD 57754

Credit Card Through Paypal to Account:


Friends of the World Flute Society

Donations List

Keith Glowka (Buffalo Moon Flutes)
Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl
Brent Haines (Woodsounds Flutes)
Phyllis and Don Kerr
Joxan Ruiz (
Steven Nelson
Richard Dubé (Northern Spirit Flutes)
Bonnie Cox
Joseph Arsenault
John and Judy Stevens
Gary R. Arnold
Jim Harris
Mark Slater (The Flutecase Store)
Susan Schuster
Br. Isidore Harden, O.S.B
John Elliott
Yuma County Flute Circle
Chris Otto (
Antonina Boonacker
James Harris
David Rose
Benny Lynn Mullinax
Barbara Deal
Tim Moore
Steve Conway
Lee Nix (Far Point Flutes)
Dr. Oliver W. Jones (Wild Horse Mountain Flutes)
Odell Borg (High Spirits Flutes)
Melissa Keim
Joxan Ruiz
Benny Mullinax
John Stevens
Daniel Gutierrez (
Susan Shockey
Don Crompton
John Robertson
Dr. Jefferson Svengsouk
Jeanne Lyle
Dr. Carl Rubenstein
Theo Anderson
Utah Farris
Ram Mallapa
Suzanne Freshley
Sandra Danforth
Mark E. Shircliff (In memory of J. W.  Kaylor)
Pisgah United Methodist Church (In memory of J. W. Kaylor)
Charles and Patricia Stevens (In memory of J. W. Kaylor)
Barbara Deal
Ron Bracale
Marguerite Hernandey
Cynthia Jocelyn Bauer
Joseph Arsenault
Helen Marrs (Promotion Music Records)
Tiit Raid
Carter Jay Wooldridge
John Moynahan
George Tortorelli
Jessica Callinicos
Robert De Mattei
Jonny Lipford
John Kordatzky
Al Jewer
Carl Perry
Terry White
Cameron Visser
Richard and Virginia Dehlinger (Donation made in John Suttles' name)
John Stevens
Betty Jensen
Jane Spencer
Dorothy Wildhagen
Robert De Mattei
Sarah Shlakman
Mike Marcoe
Tom Farber
Peter Kelliher
Judith Curtis
Robert Willasch
Pat Edmunds
Suzanne Freshley
Barbara Olle

Deb Magnuson (In memory of Jeanette Milgrom)

Cynthia Unowsky (In memory of Jeanette Milgrom)

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