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FluteCast by Clint Goss and Vera Shanov
Description: Native American flute learning resources via YouTube and Vimeo

The Native American Flute: A Possibility for Your Classroom by Hal Kacanek

Music Educators Journal, June 2011, Vol. 97 (4), p. 18

Description: The sound of the Native American flute seems to convey care, sadness, loneliness, longing, heartfelt emotion, a sense of the natural world, wisdom, the human spirit, and a sense of culture. Some 

Native American Indian mythologies suggest that the flute was used as a tool to communicate human

feeling. The Indian flute was traditionally played by men for women, a gender association that stands in

stark contrast to those currently associated with the European transverse flute. Kokopelli notwithstanding, the Native American flute's association with love and courtship is documented in the mythology of flute creation stories. Here, Kacanek discusses the advantages an  disadvantages of incorporating the 

Native AmericanIndian flute in a classroom.

Native Flute Handbook by Clint Goss and Vera Shanov
Description: A 428-page book provided to participants of programs (Native Flute Schools, Retreats, and other Gatherings) facilitated by Clint and Vera. It is based on articles written over the past several years by Clint and Vera, together with various co-authors. The articles have been assembled and edited specifically

as an aid to our program participants.

Student Music Scholarship Search

SongKeepers Educational DVD
Description: SongKeepers is an amazing documentary every Native American flute enthusiast should have in their collection. SongKeepers 2010 includes the original SongKeepers movie from 1999 plus eight

teacher edits (all videos under 10 minutes in length) put together for use by educators

Daria – World Music for Children 
Description: Travel around the world in song


The Rough Guide to World Music for Children

World Playground with Putumayo
Description: "The World Playground" is a weekly one-hour musical journey for kids of all ages to

experience the best in world, folk, blues, jazz and more, all while learning fascinating facts about kids and family life in other cultures half a world away! Tune in to SiriusXM twice a week! Saturday 6:00 p.m. to

7:00 p.m. EST and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST

Children’s Songs Sung by Native Language Speakers

Songs For Teaching - Multicultural Music: Songs that Build An Appreciation of Diversity

Countries and Cultures Coloring Pages 


Tools for Teaching: Promoting Cultural Understanding Through Music
Description: The Smithsonian Folkways network provides ideas and resources for educators to inspire their use of Folkways music from around the world.

Description: The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Program for Music Education and Community Outreach; features the Arab-Jewish world music ensemble, Shesh Besh (flute, violin, viola, oud, nay, Eastern violin, double bass, deff, darbuka)

Songs for Teaching
Description: The definitive source for educational music. Creative teachers can use music to teach content across the curriculum, to students of all ages. Thousands of children's songs, lyrics, sound clips, and

teaching suggestions.

Using the Native American Flute in a Beginning Instrumental Classroom by Michael and Hayley Winslow

Music Educators Journal, Jan 2006, Vol. 92 (3), pp. 46-49

Description: For many instrumental students, improvisation is difficult. However, there is a way to help students get started with improvisation that eliminates many of the difficulties. Here, Michael Winslow

and Hayley Winslow discuss how to use the Native American flute as a great tool for helping students learn

to improvise.

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