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Flute and Music Organizations, Guilds, Societies, and Associations

American Musical Instrument Society
Description: Promoting the study of the history, design, and use of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods

Canadian Society for Traditional Music
Description: Dedicated to the study and promotion of musical traditions of all communities and cultures,

in all their aspects

Center for World Music
Description: A nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to foster awareness and understanding of

the world's performing arts and cultural traditions through programs of performance and teaching



Description: The largest group involved in the preservation and promotion of Irish traditional music; a

non-profit cultural movement with hundreds of local branches around the world.

European Shakuhachi Society
Description: Creating an environment where many of the different schools and styles of shakuhachi playing can be explored and their differences celebrated

Institute of Musical Traditions
Description: The Institute of Musical Traditions (IMT) is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3)

organization which preserves and promotes American and international folk music traditions and nurtures new styles evolving from these cultural roots by presenting concerts, workshops, and educational programs.

The International Shakuhachi Society
Description: People, pieces, recordings, bibliography, schools, glossary, sites and events, teachers,

governors, for sale, what's new, membership information, video

International Society for Improvised Music
Description: ISIM’s purpose is to promote performance, education, and research in improvised music, and illuminate connections between musical improvisation and creativity across fields.

International Traditional Music Society
Description: The society's purpose is to promote and preserve traditional music around the world

The National Flute Association
Description: "Inspiring Flutists, Enriching Lives," convention, publications, resources, store

Society for Ethnomusicology
Description: Founded in 1955 to promote research, study, and performance of music in all historical

periods and cultural contexts

United States Ocarina Association
Description: The United States Ocarina Association (and all partner associations) strives to not only serve

the ocarina community through the creation/distribution of theoretical, historical, and functional

resources, but to also popularize the ocarina through direct public outreach and cultural interchange.

World Music Foundation
Description: A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to a simple mission: opening minds through Music. They believe, and research shows, that experiencing music of other cultures increases tolerance and cultural empathy in people, and everything that we do is based on effecting this social change.

World Music Institute
Description: The nation's leading presenter of music and dance from around the world

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