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Ethnomusicology, World Music, and  Flute Programs

Arizona State University
Description: Offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degree in Music History/Ethnomusicology; Program emphasis - Music of the Americas, Africa, and pedagogical issues. The program emphasizes the importance of performance and "non-performance,” particularly writing, and the intimate interaction of ethnomusicology and "music history” within the rubric of musicology.


Blue Ridge Irish Music School
Description: The Blue Ridge Irish Music School (BRIMS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the living art of Irish traditional music and fostering a dynamic environment for it in central Virginia and beyond. Our objective is to teach people that music can be more than just a radio or concert experience; it can also be part of the fabric of everyday life, family, and community. The school works toward these goals of education and outreach by offering individual music lessons, group classes, master classes, and céilí dances. It strives to build and maintain networks and communication among its students, other musicians, the music community in Ireland, and the larger central Virginia community.

Boston College Irish Studies Program (Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts)
Description: An interdisciplinary approach to the study of Irish culture and society. Individual undergraduate and graduate courses address social, political and economic history, literature, medieval arts, sociology, music, and the Irish language.

Boston University
Description: Offers a Master of Arts degree with a specialization in ethnomusicology and a Ph.D. in musicology/ethnomusicology; Program focus - We are committed to a primacy of scholarship, enriched through performance. Faculty specializations include the music and culture of Southeast Asia (specifically Bali, Indonesia), South Asia, Africa, Cuba, and American music. 

Brown University
Description: Offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in ethnomusicology, and the Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees in ethnomusicology; Program focus  - Our strong theoretical perspectives and methodologies include cultural theory, media, technology, music theory, diaspora studies, the "new” fieldwork, cognitive ethnomusicology, and music law. Our geographic areas include the African diaspora, Asia, Euro-America, and Latin America, with particular strengths in North America.


The Center for Irish Music
Description: The Center for Irish Music (CIM) is a thriving music school based in St. Paul’s Hamline-Midway neighborhood. The CIM is dedicated to handing down traditional Irish music to the next generation of musicians in our community. Through private lessons, group classes, sessions, and events featuring world-class artists, the CIM aims to inspire and support the traditional Irish music community in the Twin Cities, throughout the Midwest, and Canada.

College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada (Summerside, Prince Edward Island)
Description: Offers instruction in Highland bagpiping, Scottish-style snare drumming, Highland dancing and step-danding, as well as programs for bodhrán, fiddle, guitar, and tin whistle

Columbia University Center for Ethnomusicology
Description: Offers the Ph.D. in ethnomusicology; Program focus - We emphasize social scientific theory and methods; program foci include cultural policy, cultural rights, intellectual and cultural property issues, repatriation, Native and indigenous studies, sound studies, music and technology, music and childhood, popular musics, music and human rights, music and violence/conflict, and area emphases on the Americas, and Europe (including Eastern and Central Europe).


Japanese Music Institute of America
Description: Fosters the appreciation and study of both traditional and contemporary musical repertoires, offering both private instruction and ensemble training as part of the curriculum. The JMIA presents concerts, produces recordings, and publishes musical texts.

Native Flute School
Description: Home of music workshops for the Native American Flute facilitated by Clint Goss and Vera Shanov. They lead workshops centered on music-making and self expression with the Native American flute. Sessions focus on playing technique, improvisation styles, jamming with other musicians (flute, guitar, piano, percussion, etc.), adding your voice to your music, incorporating rhythm, and song forms. You will come away with the ability to play with confidence and an understanding of rhythms, tones, and improvisation.

Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM)
Description: Based in West County Clare, OAIM is an online Irish music school dedicated to providing high quality Irish music education. Their goals is to become a large online community of educators and students of traditional Irish music. They aspire to create a "classroom setting" in chat forums where contact can be made with fellow students and the class instructor. OAIM provides online instruction on a variety

of instruments, including the Irish flute and tin/penny whistle.

Queen Maeve School of Traditional Irish Music, Song, and Set Dancing (Sligo Town, Ireland)
Description: Instruction in tin whistle, flute, traditional singing, button accordion, piano accordion, and fiddle

UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology (Los Angeles, California)
Description: Mission is to explore the rich variety of musical expressions throughout the world by combining hands-on musical experience with academic study. Offer the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Ph.D.

University of Washington Ethnomusicology Program (Seattle, Washington)
Description: Offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Ph.D.

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