World Flute Society

Virtual Convention

July 21-24, 2021

World Flute Society Convention

Virtual Event

We are pleased to announce that the World Flute Society will host a virtual convention, July 21-24, 2021. There will be select daily classes, and featured performer/group concerts. This will be a Zoom event. Convention participants will receive a Zoom ID and Passcode a few days prior to the event. If you are new to Zoom, please let us know. We are pleased to assist you!

Stay tuned for further details!

Mistress of Ceremonies: Renée Blanche

World Flute Society Interns: Chau Tran and Victoria Shoemaker


Featured Concerts

        * Raman Kalyan (South Indian Carnatic flutist)

        * Andreas Ralsgård and Markus Tullberg (Traditional Swedish Flutists)

        * Jan Michael Looking Wolf    (See Also) (Native American flute)

        * Eliyahu Sills (Persian, Turkish, and Arabic ney) and guest

        * Dr. Andra Bohnet (Irish flute/whistle)

        * Shawn Renzoh Head (shakuhachi)

        * Rona Yellow Robe and Bruce Witham (Native American flute and guitar)

        * The PRS Trio: Peter Phippen/Brian Reidinger/Victoria Shoemaker

        * Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy (world flutes, drums, and strings)


Daily Classes

        * Dr. Andra Bohnet ("The Irish Flute and Its Music")


        * Shawn Renzoh Head ("Experiences with the Shakuhachi: America to Japan")

        * Eliyahu Sills (TBA)

        * Dr. Jessica Valiente ("The Cuban Charanga Flute and Latin Flute-Playing Style")

        * Jonny Lipford (TBA)

        * Joanne Lazzaro ("Flute Chai - Spicing Up Your Style With a Mix of Flute Ornaments From               

                                                     Around the World"

        * Marlon Magdalena ("Indigenous Musical Instruments of the American Southwest")

        * Tereasa Payne ("Flutes of the World")

        * Dr. Kerry Kriger ("Malkauns: An Ancient Melody From Northern India")

        * Andreas Ralsgård and Markus Tullberg   ("Traditional Music of Sweden")


Additional Featured Concerts

        * Jonny Lipford

        * Marlon Magdalena

        * Steev Kindwald

        * Jamie and Joe Empert 


        * Bobb Fantauzzo and friends

        * Jessica Valiente and Family


Please Note: This is a musical, cultural, and educational event. Any discussion concerning political, social, or current events is not acceptable in any form.