World Flute Society Convention

Virtual Event

We are pleased to announce that the World Flute Society will host a virtual convention, July 21-24, 2021. There will be select daily classes, and featured performer/group concerts. This will be a Zoom event. Convention participants will receive a Zoom ID and Passcode a few days prior to the event. If you are new to Zoom, please let us know in advance of the event. We are pleased to assist you!

Stay tuned for further details!

Mistress of Ceremonies: Renée Blanche

World Flute Society Interns: Chau Tran and Victoria Shoemaker


Featured Concerts

        * Raman Kalyan (South Indian Carnatic flutist), Kamalakran Vinjamuri (violin),  and                   

                                               Vijayaganesh (Mridangam - double-headed Indian drum)

        * Andreas Ralsgård and Markus Tullberg (Traditional Swedish Flutists)

        * Ron Korb

        * Jan Michael Looking Wolf    (See Also) (Native American flute)

        * Eliyahu Sills (Persian, Turkish, and Arabic ney) and Faisal Zedan, Arabic percussion

        * Dr. Andra Bohnet (Irish flute/whistle)

        * Shawn Renzoh Head (shakuhachi)

        * Rona Yellow Robe and Bruce Witham (Native American flute and guitar)

        * The PSR Trio: Peter Phippen/Victoria Shoemaker/Brian Reidinger/Tiit Raid

        * Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy (world flutes, drums, and strings)


Daily Classes

        * Dr. Andra Bohnet: The Irish Flute and Its Music


        * Shawn Renzoh Head: Experiences with the Shakuhachi: America to Japan

        * Eliyahu Sills: Three Kinds of Ney (Arabic, Turkish, and Persian): Exploring Their Differences in

                                           Sound, Breath, and Approach to Phrasing

        * Dr. Jessica Valiente: The Cuban Charanga Flute and Latin Flute-Playing Style

        * Jonny Lipford: All About Multi-Chambered Flutes

        * Joanne Lazzaro: Flute Chai - Spicing Up Your Style With a Mix of Flute Ornaments From               

                                                     Around the World

        * Marlon Magdalena: Indigenous Musical Instruments of the American Southwest

        * Tereasa Payne: Flutes of the World

        * Dr. Kerry Kriger: Malkauns: An Ancient Melody From Northern India

        * Raman Kalyan: Creating Emotions With Indian Ragas

         * Ron Korb: Making a Life in Music

          * Winne Clement


Additional Featured Concerts

        * Jonny Lipford

        * Marlon Magdalena

        * Steev Kindwald

        * Jamie and Joe Empert 


        * Bobb Fantauzzo and friends

        * Jessica Valiente and Family: "Siento una Flauta" (I Hear a Flute) - An Afternoon of Cuban

                                                                           Charanga Music!

        * Timothy J.P. Gómez

          * Joseph Edgar


Please Note: This is a musical, cultural, and educational event. Any discussion concerning political, social, or current events is not acceptable in any form.