Convention Flute Raffle

Thank you to those flute makers and individuals who have donated flutes to the World Flue Society's virtual convention flute raffle. Your kindness and generosity is truly appreciated.

The raffle will take place live on July 24, 2021, before the evening concerts. You do not have to attend the convention to win! You can only win once! Tickets will be filled out for each person who sends funds for raffle tickets. You do not have to be a member of the World Flute Society in order to enter and win. The convention raffle is open to everyone! Raffle tickets are $5 each or five for $20. Please send funds made payable to:


World Flute Society
20735 Morning Star Road

Lead, SD 57754

Paypal: worldflutes@AOL.COM

* * * * *

Raffle Items

1. Quena (purple heart) made by Geoffrey Ellis (Earth Tone Flutes); Donated by Ron Bracale. Winner: Doug Blair



2. Native American-style flute made by Butch Hall; high E minor; cedar; six finger holes; 13.5 inches

long; Donated by Anonymous  Winner: Russ Jones


3. Native American-style flute. Flautas de Amor. Key of F#. Donated by Jim Harris. Winner: Leon Lodermeir

4. Native American-style flute. Key of low D made by Thunderwalker. Length is 26.5 inches. Cherry wood. Donated by Anonymous.
Winner: Allan Van Leeuwen


5. Native American-style bandage flute. Key of A#. Maker unknown. Blackened bamboo. Four finger holes. 19.5 inches long. Donated by Anonymous. Winner: Frank Henninger


6. Native American-style drone flute. Honduran rosewood with a yellow heart head piece. Comes with a flute sock. It has a nice crisp voice. Key of D. Slow air chamber is coated with food-safe epoxy to prevent potential cracking. The drone flute has a French polish, high-gloss finish. Length is 14.5 inches. The bore diameter is 5/8 inches.
Made and donated by Michael Fuger from Sevenwinds Flutes. View the

Sevenwinds Flutes promotional video: Click Here  Winner: Ron Bracale


7. Native American-style flute. Key of  mid-F#. It is made of cherry. Trim materials are redwood burl and crushed turquoise. Made and donated by Brent Haines from Woodsounds Flutes. For comprehensive photos of the flute, please click on the Woodsounds Flutes link. Winner: Bud Southard

8. Native American-style flute. Key of A. Made by Odell Borg of High Spirits Flutes. Five finger holes.

Made from cedar. Donated by Anonymous. Winner: Michael Fuger


9. Native American-style flute. Key of B. Made by Butch Hall. "Little Bird" style. Made in 2009. Numbered 223. Turquoise inlay. Made from cedar. Six finger holes. Length: 16 inches. Donated by

Charles Buzzard. Winner: Jim Murphy


10. Native American-style flute. Key of G#. Made by Colyn Petersen. Curly maple. Garden/bee design flute. Six finger holes. Length: 21 inches. Donated by Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl. Winner: Marianne Kollar.


11. Native American-style flute. Key of E. Made by Wolf Claw. Cedar. Length: 24 inches. Six finger holes. Donated by Jim Harris. Winner: Jerry O'Keefe



12. Native American-style flute. Made by Ken Green of White Owl Flutes. Winner: Jefferson Svengsouk