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Convention Classes and Workshops

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Presentation: Peacetime - Collaborative Creativity Through Music

Community music-making has the power to bring people together in times of crisis. Together, we can transform conflict toward peace and understanding through empathy, creativity, and non-violence. In this hands-on workshop, you will experience community and group music-making activities that honors diversity and inclusion. Caron Collins, Professor of Music Education at The Crane School of Music, State University of New York at Potsdam, will lead a variety of engaging musical activities for all ages and abilities. She combines the music practices of her “Curious, Collaborative, Creativity” approach with the peace-building methods of “Musicians Without Borders” in this fun and informative workshop. Bring your own instruments and be ready to create new ways to bring people together through improvisation, movement, art, and expression.


Presentation: Indigenous Musical Instruments of the American Southwest

Pueblo people have rich musical traditions that date back thousands of years. Several types of musical instruments have been in continuous use and others have been long forgotten. This presentation examines both through the utilization of replicas derived from the archaeological record and instruments known to still be in use.


Presentation: Traditional Music of Sweden

In this class, Andreas Ralsgård and Markus Tullberg talk about the traditional music of Sweden. Topics covered include different types of tunes, a brief history of the music, ways to approach the tradition, and resources for those who wish to learn more. There will also be room for questions.

Shawn Head 2.jpg

Presentation: Warrior Monks and the Shakuhachi Flute

Shawn Renzoh Head goes over a brief history of the shakuhachi flute and how it has changed over time. Who were the Komuso and why do they have a bad reputation for beating up samurai?


Presentation: Coming Soon!

Dr. Tim Lane


Presentation: Change as Expression

The space that we live in is always changing and our level of awareness of these changes is always important. At a fundamental level, recognizing changes in sounds helps us to survive. Changes in sound occur when new sounds appear, when present sounds disappear, when energetic changes in sound production occur, and when spatial changes alter ongoing sounds. Sound changes also occur in music and our emotional responses to those changes, to a large extent, may well relate to our atavistic responses to sound changes in the space that surrounds us.

Raman Kalyan

FLute Raman 2.jpg

Presentation: Coming Soon!

Jonny Lipford


Presentation: Exploring Mulit-Chambered Native American-Style Flutes

Drone flutes have been known to add dimension and harmony to your melodic flute playing, but they bring about challenges in phrasing, breath control, dynamics, and harmonics. In this workshop, Jonny will discuss several different drone flutes including, but not limited to, the Native American-style drone flute, Mayan harmony drone flute (fourth and fifth), harmony drone flute, and the triple Native American-style flute.

Dr. Andra Bohnet


What is Better Than One Flute? Two or More!


Dr. Andra Bohnet will offer advice and practical demonstrations of how to effectively arrange for two or more flutes in a variety of musical styles. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions related to their own areas of musical interest, as well as participate in playing arrangements for multiple flutes.

Joanne Lazzaro


Presentation: Flute Chai - Spicing Up Your Style With a Mix of Flute Ornaments From Around the World

Well-played "ornaments," such as trills, pops, chirps, taps, cuts, rolls, slides, flutters, and breath effects, can take your playing to the next level. I will discuss and demonstrate these advanced techniques step-by-step, with practice tips that you can take home to get more comfortable using them in your own songs. You will also learn how the traditional styles of various world flutes (transverse, end-blown, and rim-blown) can be adapted to the flutes you currently play, in order to expand your musical style.

Rick Wilson


Presentation: A Quick Survey of Historical Western Flutes

Rick Wilson will present a lecture/demonstration on the history of European flutes (art instruments), including many slides and musical examples on replica and original flutes from his collection. He begins with the keyless Renaissance flute c.1550, which, after a period of disuse, was replaced by the one-key conical Baroque flute. The latter evolved into the 19th century multi-key simple system flute. There were significant differences in flutes from country to country. The Boehm (modern) flute introduced in the middle of the 19th century did not immediately become the standard flute as it is today, but it strongly influenced the design and diversity of flutes. A myriad of flute types were available to flutists before the Boehm flute became dominant.

Kevin Locke


Presentation: Coming Soon!

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