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Ralsgård & Tullberg

Group bio

Andreas Ralsgård and Markus Tullberg are breathing new life into the Swedish wooden flute tradition. They started playing together more than fifteen years ago, united by their passion for the wooden flute and the traditional music of Sweden. Together, they have rediscovered the tunes of the old flute players, as well as made interpretations of fiddle tunes. Beyond that, both flutists are composing new tunes, which also can be heard on their three albums.

The CD, Traditional Flute Music from Sweden, was the first-ever album to be dedicated solely to traditional Swedish flute duet music. The CD was released in 2010 and was very well received by critics, listeners, and dancers. For many flute players around the globe, this CD has provided a path into Swedish traditional flute playing.

The second CD, +1 (2014), consisted of collaborations with some of the most interesting musicians on the Swedish traditional music scene. Among the invited musicians was Niklas Roswall (nyckelharpa) who also joined Ralsgård & Tullberg in concerts following the release of the recording. The quartet was later completed when Alexandra Nilsson (cello) joined the ensemble. Recently, the four musicians released the CD, Kvartett. The recording features carefully crafted arrangements of traditional tunes, as well as music composed by the members of the group.

Individual Bios

Markus Tullberg spent his youth playing the saxophone in wind bands and jazz ensembles until he discovered the wooden flute, which changed his life forever. Besides being a freelance musician, he is also a teacher at the Music Academy of Malmö. His licentiate thesis, “Timbre and Timbre – Affordances of the Simple-System Flute” (2018), investigates playing technique and aesthetics of the wooden flute across genres.

Andreas Ralsgård is a classically trained saxophone player that discovered the beauty and power of the transverse wooden flute after having finished his studies at the Ingesund Academy of music at Karlstad University. Besides being a freelance saxophone and flute player, Andreas teaches ensemble, orchestra, folk music theory, saxophone, clarinet, and flute at Skurups Folkhögskola and The Municipal School of Arts in Landskrona.