World Flute Society


Quarterly Donation Flute

World Flute Society member Jim Harris has graciously donated this quarter’s raffle flute. It is a Brent Haines Cedar Classic Native American-style flute in the key of E. It is in mint condition. It looks, plays, and sounds perfect. It is 26-1/2 inches in length.




Thank you, Jim, for your kindness and generous support of the World Flute Society.

Tickets are $5 each. You may purchase as many as you desire. The raffle lasts until August 15, 2017. The winner will be announced on August 25, 2017.

To see more detailed views of the raffle flute, please visit:

Please send funds made payable to:

World Flute Society                                                                                
20735 Morning Star Road
Lead, SD 57754  USA

Thank you for your support of the World Flute Society!