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2018 Afternoon Concert Series Performers

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Monica Williams

After graduating from the Eastman School of Music, Monica found a deep love for the sounds of various world and hybrid flutes that lead her to New Age music. It is a genre with classical, jazz, and world music overtones that is intended to inspire, relax, and create optimism. In addition to C flute, her flute collection includes bamboo, Native American, pan, alto, and bass. Her newest addition is a hybrid flute extension called the “Zi Fi,” which is a fusion flute that crosses a traditional flute with a Chinese dizi.

Monica co-founded the ensemble Phoenix Rising and is a freelance flutist for various groups and recording projects in the area. She currently has four CDs including Whispers, Ascension, Mystic Places  all by Phoenix Rising, as well as Silences Between by Monica Williams. Phoenix Rising can be heard on radio stations including Soundscapes by Music Choice and Spa Channel by SiriusXM.

The music ensemble Phoenix Rising has been nominated in the best Classical, New Age, and Jazz categories by the Hollywood Music and Media Awards, the Los Angeles Music Awards, and the Independent Music Awards. Additionally, Monica has won and been recognized by several national solo competitions with organizations such as Civic Union League of Chicago, Chicago Flute Club, Rochester Flute Club, and the National Flute Association. She is a member of the California Music Educators Association (CMEA), Contra Costa Performing Arts Society, ASCAP, and the National Flute Association (NFA). In addition, Monica is a founding teacher for the Royal Conservatory’s Music Development Program, where she is a center representative.


Jonny Lipford

In a career that spans fifteen solo albums and countless collaborations in the studio and live on stage, Jonny Lipford has made his mark as one of the most versatile musicians of ancient wooden flutes in the United States. Since the beginning of his musical journey with Native American-style flutes in 2002, Jonny has always been an enthusiastic trailblazer, carving a new path, bridging cultures, and merging unexpected genres together. As an instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, author, instructor, and consistently memorable performer, Jonny Lipford is a true inspiration. He conducts himself in a way that makes others feel acknowledged, understood, and motivated.

Jonny’s solo work has garnered him several accolades, which include receiving an Indian Summer Music Award in 2012 and 2013. He has been the recipient of five Silver Arrow Awards and one Humanity 4 Water award for his contributions to the Native American music industry. He has also been nominated by the Native American Music Awards five times for his various works over the past decade.

Lipford has taught hundreds to play the Native-style flute over the course of the years. His passion for connecting and instructing students in a meaningful and charismatic way has led him to be one of the most sought-after instructors of the Native-style flute.

In his newest musical pursuit, Jonny is still exploring and expanding the boundaries of the Native American-style flute, plunging headlong into a more vibrant jazz and pop crossover scene with this ancient instrument. As he progresses and matures, audiences have noticed an awakening happening with both his music and his sentiments. Jonny’s performances are a fusion of music and message where he utilizes the capacity of music to empower and inspire a diverse crowd.


Timothy J.P. Gomez

Timothy J.P. Gomez is an award-winning composer and performer who fuses world music using the Native American-style flute with concepts of musical romanticism, to create an intense, expressive style that resonates deep within the human spirit. His technical skills bring a gracefulness and clarity to his compositions that set him apart as one of the great up-and-coming artists in the industry. Timothy released his debut album, The Awakening, in 2014, and he is currently working on his follow-up album, while he continues his passion of performing at various festivals, events, and concerts throughout the country.


Victoria Shoemaker

Victoria Shoemaker received a Bachelor of Music degree in music education from The VanderCook College of Music (Chicago, Illinois), where she studied classical flute and piccolo performance with Kaye Clements and Mary Christine-Stingley. Her other flute instructors include Laurie Lau and Dr. Tim Lane, Professor of Flute at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. Victoria also studied bamboo flute performance/flute making with Billy Miller of WindWood Flutes. Presently, she is studying antique and contemporary world flutes and improvisation with Grammy-nominated flutist, Peter Phippen. Since the release of her debut album, The Witching Hour in 2016, Victoria has continued to perform regularly.

Victoria will be performing with Nick Poss.


Joanne Lazzaro

Joanne Lazzaro is a classically trained flutist who “accidentally released a New Age solo Native American flute album.” Under The Stars went on to win multiple awards, both in the United States and globally, establishing her as an independent world flutes recording artist. Joanne began taking classical flute lessons at the age of 10 as part of a school band program. “It was the only instrument I really wanted to play - I never considered anything else.” Her love of the flute extended to every exotic flute-like instrument that she could find. Soon, she developed a collection of bamboo, ceramic, and wooden flutes that friends and relatives found on their travels. Her first Native American flute found her in a gift shop in Boulder Colorado, where she had stopped on a cross-country camping trip.

Joanne currently maintains an active teaching, performing, and recording schedule that straddles the fields of classical orchestral concerts, world flute teaching and performing, an independent recording artist, and a Los Angeles session musician. She is the founder and host of the Los Angeles World Flute Circle, an active member of the Los Angeles chapter of NARAS (the GRAMMYs™), and a popular workshop clinician with both the National Flute Association and the World Flute Society.

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in music from Lebanon Valley College and a Master of Music degree from the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. Her solo music, as well as releases with the Los Angeles Flute Orchestra, are available at CDBaby, AppleMusic, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and most major distributors.

On Native American-style flute, Joann Lazzaro will perform Katherine Hoover's three-movement composition, Canyon Shadows. Performing with her will be Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl on silver flute and a TBD percussionist.


Crazy Flute Duo

Crazy Flute is a duo started by two high school best friends, Jack Holland and Keith Talley, from the mountains of northwest Georgia. Crazy Flute is a street performance/busking group that was founded in 2016. An upbeat style of Native American flute playing combined with world drums is the signature sound of the Crazy Flute duo. They have played from the little town of Chattanooga to the Andes mountains of Peru, as part of the international music group Perusa El Ultimo Inka. Crazy Flutes received a nomination for a 2017 Native American Music Award for best Debut Group of 2017. Their second CD, Tribal Groove, has just been released.


Bohuslav (Bob) Rychlik

Born in Czechoslovakia, Bob Rychlik is a multi-instrumentalist and internationally recognized player and teacher of the fujara, the koncovka, and other overtone flutes. He has performed at notable venues like the Library of Congress, the French Embassy, NATO Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, the Kennedy Center, St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as many folk festivals in Washington D.C. and Maryland. In addition, Bob has performed at Czech and Slovak ethnic festivals in Baltimore, Miami, San Diego, Virginia, New Jersey, as well as a five-hour playing marathon at the Slovak Embassy during their annual open-door day. Bob established and co-organized three international fujara festivals in Slovakia, and has taught fujara workshops in the United States, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. He has also appeared with the fujara in film, on television, and radio. He has also taught fujara and koncovka during week-long courses at Common Ground on the Hill at McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland, every year since 2011.

Bob plays both traditional Slovak and modern repertoire, but he also composes for the fujara, guitar, keyboard, and other instruments. He has been promoting the fujara and its music in the United States and Europe, and connects the world fujara makers and players through his extensive database. Bob’s love for American acoustic blues and Slovak overtone flutes intersected when he discovered that blues can be played on the koncovka. He has been performing acoustic blues with the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation for many years.

This concert will feature the fujara, koncovka, and other overtone flutes played in the traditional way, as well as in a contemporary and classical manner. With the musical styles presented during this concert, the range of these instruments will be heard.


Bobb Fantauzzo

Bobb Fantauzzo did not realize his proclivity for jazz until he started playing the Native American-style flute. In addition to performing at jazz festivals and venues in the Twin Cities area, Bobb has composed and performed music for stage productions at The Pillsbury House Theatre, The History Theater, and The Guthrie Theater. Music from his recordings has received air play on both national and international jazz stations and was licensed for use on the The Discovery Channel.

His interest in performing the music of jazz musicians with Native American roots has provided him the opportunity to interact personally with jazz legends Charles Lloyd, Sheila Jordan, Ernie Watts, and others, including Delfayo Marsalis, with whom he had the pleasure of playing.

Backed up by some of the top-rated jazz musicians in the Twin Cities, Bobb has performed major concerts in 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2018, which were made possible by The Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and KBEM – Jazz88 FM.


Matthew Machu

A pioneer of sonic instrumentation and soundscape, Matthew Machu weaves ceremonially-harvested tree didgeridoos with elements of Tibetan, Hindi, and Native American influences. From the oldest living woods and agave flower stalks, the didgeridoos themselves are the maestros and the chorus. Each handcrafted to wondrous artistic and acoustic paramounts, and played passionately with vigor and reverence, the sounds are sure to please the hearts, the homes, and the heavens in which they journey!


Wolfgang Zank

With a father who is a talent agent in Wisconsin, it was natural for Wolfgang Zank to take a seat behind the drum set. With unlimited access to hear and speak with hundreds of touring/recording musicians, the art of playing music came naturally. Wolfgang began his career as a performing musician at age 9, and he has since toured the United States with a variety of ensembles. This has allowed Wolfgang to gain experience in a multitude of genres, as well as provided him with opportunities to connect and study with well-established musicians such as Shea Gold, who is known for touring with Alice Cooper. In addition to singing lead vocals, he is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who plays guitar, bass, and percussion. Wolfgang uses all of his musically creative skills with his own touring band, Apollo’s Beacon.

Wolfgang Zank will be performing with Victoria Shoemaker.